Thank you for visiting us! You have probably received a letter from us, or maybe just googled something like “Chapter 7,” “Chapter 13,” bankruptcy attorney, Denham Springs attorney, or maybe even Livingston Parish bankruptcy lawyer. If you have, you have reached the right place! We are a federally designated debt relief agency; we help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy code. We also do successions, write wills, and of course we are able to help you with your personal injury and off-shore claims.

Although I consider myself to be a general practice attorney and I offer a number of services, the current economy has resulted in many people needing help either saving their home, or defending themselves against debt collectors, and often both. Recognizing this, I focus much of my time on helping people recover from financial circumstances often beyond their control. To do that, I help people file for bankruptcy, but I also try to help my clients find non-bankruptcy solutions where they can. Sometimes defending a debt collection lawsuit or negotiating a settlement is the best solution, and sometimes you need the fresh start that only a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing can provide. Remember, I represent real people, never corporations, banks, or other entities that care nothing for you and your family. This firm’s aim is to help you and your family, never the banks.

After working for a number of years at another firm, I decided that it was time to invest in our community and offer my services, which are unique in Livingston Parish to my knowledge, to our local community. All over the Parish and the surrounding areas there are hundreds of abandoned homes, and many more that people are trying to sell; I believe many of them could be saved if the owners only knew that Chapter 13 bankruptcy not only allows you up to five years to catch up on the house, but will help take care of most other forms of debt. This means that there is hope! It is possible to keep your home!

For those who don’t need help saving their home, but are still overwhelmed by bills and expenses, a Chapter 7 can clear out most forms of debt and let you move on with your life. Chapter 7 is sometimes considered scary by those who don’t know it well, but faster than any other method I know it can help clear up your credit woes and let you refresh your credit and finances so that you can live a happy, productive life.

Not everyone qualifies for a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7, and I cannot guarantee that we can help, but isn’t it worth coming in for a free consultation to see if you can save your home and eliminate all your other debt? The initial consultation is free with no strings attached, and most of our clients leave feeling the relief that only comes from knowing that there is hope.

Call or email today, and Kristian can schedule you an appointment. I am also frequently available for brief, informational phone calls if you would like to briefly discuss your situation.

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys